ChatPray App

ChatPray is our exciting new free app.
Chat like WhatsApp or Messenger but also

pray with friends or in a group.

Get notified when friends pray for you

Find out when prayers are answered

Even chat with yourself - it’s a journal!

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It’s FREE!

Justin Welby -
Archbishop of Canterbury

“ChatPray is a wonderful new way for Christians to support each other and pray together. It's new and another step in using technology to serve the church. I know the people behind it and will give it a try.”

Fr Christopher Jamison -
Abbot President of the English Benedictine Congregation

“Whether we pray often or rarely, the ChatPray App helps us to know we’re not alone. You’re in my thoughts and prayers, we say. This App shows we mean it."

Nicky Gumbel -
Founder of the Alpha Course

"Mark Wagner has been a pioneer in bringing the Christian message to the digital world and I applaud his efforts."